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City Leads Pro aims to be the most transparent, simple-to-use advertising service for local businesses. Here are just some of the ways you know City Leads Pro is a service you can trust and count on:

  • ✓ Only exclusive live calls
  • ✓ No setup or monthly fees
  • ✓ Pay only for valid calls
  • ✓ No minimum deposit
  • ✓ Transparent reporting
  • ✓ Pause/cancel any time


24 Hour Fitness Leads




City Leads Pro is charging the lowest prices comparing to its competitors. City Leads Pro collects real time leads from their registered sources in your local area to provide you real time 24 hour Fitness leads within few moments of submitting the projects.

24 Hour Fitness Leads costs between #$ to #$. City Leads Pro offers you different promotional packages based on services you desire and how quickly you call.




Unlikely any other Leads Generation Agency City Leads Pro provides 100% unique services to its Customers. We collect genuine leads from our trustable resources and also hundreds of fitness services subscriber a day which makes our leads unique from other agencies. We have dedicated account managers, providing the best assistance to all our account owners, prevents bad calls, decreases your lead prices but increases the odds of your customers.




Lead Generation is all about the consistency and speed. As quick you call a person having fitness problems, you can get this job. We are offering the Quick Call Discounts to our account holders. All 24 hour fitness leads account holders Call in 20 minutes as you receive the lead and get a special discount as per your account category, also increases your chance 400% to win the fitness customers, decreases your price.


Unique Leads


Selling leads to multiple account holders maximizes the competition which may cause decrease your chance of winning the customer. We update our leads database on everyday through our subscribers and trusted resource. We have dedicated managers to provide you the unique leads depending on your account category. You wouldn’t find this offer with any other online lead generation company.


Devoted Fitness Leads Manager


We devote our professional manager to every fitness services providers. Everytime you contact City Leads Pro service center, you will be assisted by your services manager who has full knowledge of your account. They also make surveys to the local fitness services providers so they can give you better tips and tricks you can use to make better leads.


24 hour Fitness Leads


Choosing an ordinary lead generation agency can’t provide you devoted fitness leads manager so, we are the unique in this field.


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