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Are you looking for better ways to grow & manage your business? CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software can make all the difference. Whether you are searching for a highly robust CRM solution or a simple version of it designed for your small business enterprise, there is always a perfect CRM software choice for you.

When it comes to managing your business, keeping up-to-date with your potential as well as existing customers, leads, and prospects turns out to be a vital task for any business out there. In such a scenario, reliable CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems can help you in managing your business effectively through tracking all the tasks related to your customers –right from handling emails to calls, visits, deals, the progress of the sales, and so more.

If you are looking out for the best CRM software tools out there, we have compiled a list of the top CRM software solutions that you can consider making use of in your operations. Here are some:

  1. Apptivo:


This turns out to be a comprehensive CRM offering an easy way of managing your schedules, contacts, communications, tasks, notes, and much more. In addition to this, if you go forward with availing the free account of the software, then also you will receive proper project management tools along with invoicing, basic order tracking, estimates, a help desk, and field service management. The premium version of the software comes for $8 and provides ample storage (3 GB per user) along with additional benefits including e-commerce integration, bulk emails, Google Drive, business apps, Dropbox integration, and so more.



  1. Bitrix24:


Just like Apptivo, this CRM software tool comes with a powerful suite of useful business tools including the ease of instant messaging, collaboration, project management, employee management, document handling, document scheduling, and so more. The immensely generous free account setup of the Bitrix24 CRM software tool allows support for around 12 users and offers 5GB of storage. In case you require more storage, the special Plus account by Bitrix24 offers support for 24 users along with 24GB of storage for $39.


  1. Batchbook:

online conversations


If you are looking for some great communication system with the help of a robust CRM solution, then the Batchbook CRM software is the ideal solution for your business. With the help of this software solution, you can create a customized contacts database and extend with the necessary details that you like, perform effective tracking, emails, tweets from customers, and so more. The mobile view offered by the software ensures that your site appears appealing on any device. Moreover, the SMS & Email notifications make sure that you never forget anything important related to your business.


  1. Nimble:

social media

Referred to as the “social butterfly of small-scale enterprises”, the Nimble CRM software tool allows you to manage teams, customers, and social contacts on a single screen. With the help of the lightweight platform offered by Nimble, all the online conversations from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and email become easily visible. The CRM platform is easy to use as well. Nimble can help you go online automatically for collecting useful data from the contacts. The Nimble CRM software also comes with smart search tools that help in locating the necessary data along with filtering & sorting of your contact list for your overall ease.


  1. HubSpot:


This is probably one of the best CRM tools that you will come across out there. The HubSpot CRM software stands out from the rest with respect to its unique pricing model. The software offers no exceptional “free” plans & no array of other additional accounts to configure. On the other hand, this software tool comes entirely free of cost and you are required to pay only for extra marketing or sales modules. This turns out to be the ideal solution if you are running strictly on budget. With this tool, you are able to create companies & contacts database effectively with unlimited storage space –as much as you need (up to 1 million companies & contacts).


  1. Capsule CRM:

Capsule CRM stands out from the other CRM tools as it is aimed at focusing on the basics –collaboration, contact management, scheduling, task management, and sales pipeline. All of these tasks are implemented progressively with the help of some additional features offered by the CRM software tool. With this tool, you are able to track the social media of your potential customers, link emails & documents to the respective records, organize the contacts & tag them, view the schedule, create tasks in the calendar, and so more.


  1. InStream:


This CRM software tool is a specialized contact, sales management & relationship automation software tool. The CRM is known for offering detailed customer’s contact management along with additional social media integration features that aid you in staying in touch with the tweets, emails and calls of the customers. The tool is relatively easier to use owing to the ease of integrations offered by the CRM system. The specific Business plan is one of the best-value plans and offers around 10GB of storage with up to 25000 contacts, full support, and daily reports.


  1. Insightly:

online conversations

This is an impressive CRM software tool that focuses on effective project management for your business. In addition to managing the sales pipeline productively, you are also able to set dedicated milestones along with assigning tasks & schedules, attaching notes & files, defining a proper task schedule, producing reports, and so more. Insightly is known to be offering enhanced contacts management along with mass email support & social media integration to help with your business management.


  1. Streak:


This is a lightweight CRM software tool. It is simpler than most of the competition around. As such, small-scale business enterprises and startups can learn the operation of this software tool easily and with no hassles. With the help of a single or two clicks, you can view or group related emails, track & add customer status, include notes, and much more. The specialized “Boxes” feature of the tool can help you in defining where you stand in sales & other pipelines –making it easy for everyone involved in your business to stay updated about the overall progress.


  1. Zoho CRM:


Offering a flexible solution, the Zoho CRM software tool comes with a lengthy list of features including contact & leads management, social media integration, sales & marketing automation, task scheduling, web forms management, and so more. In addition to this, the CRM system can also be integrated with several other Zoho products including web forms, project management, and customer support. The mobile apps by Zoho CRM allow you to gain access to the data in an effective manner.


  1. Pipedrive:


This is another excellent CRM software solution that helps in organizing your leads & customers in an organized manner. Moreover, it also offers a clear overview of the overall sales process and encourages you to focus on other vital tasks of your business. You can make use of the CRM software solution to manage the sales pipeline of your business efficiently. Some of the key features of this software tool include simplified data importing & exporting, productive timeline viewing, sales reporting, email integration, viewing & managing contact history, and much more.


  1. Nutshell CRM:



This CRM application is easy to set up & use. The application also offers exceptional onboard assistance along with professional customer support services. One of the primary features that make this CRM software tool stand out from the others is its attractive & user-friendly dashboard wherein you can view & manage the upcoming tasks, contact history, activities, and meetings in a comprehensive manner. Some of the key features of this tool include seamless lead relationship management, collaborative environment, customized sales processes, calendar syncing, and creation of bulk email templates.


  1. Velocity 365:

VelocityIf you are in search for a citizen engagement system for streamlining several government processes towards ensuring quicker & efficient rendering of specialized services to the end customers, then Velocity 365 CRM software tool turns out to be the ideal option. Right from offering the citizens with customized self-service for reaching out to different departments to specialized integrations, pre-configured tools, and so more –the Velocity 365 software tool can help you remain at the notch of your business at all times.


  1. Bpm’online CRM:


This serves to be a unique CRM tool as it is able to combine customer data with specific business process management solutions & tools. With the help of this tool, you can coordinate the diverse activities of different departments including sales, customer support, and marketing teams. Some of the primary features of this tool are administrative tools, customizable reports, document management, and so more.


  1. Salesforce CRM:

salesforceThis software tool allows you to record & track all the customer details at a single platform towards nurturing more leads in an effective manner. The mobile apps for this tool allow obtaining real-time data from customer reports & user-friendly dashboard.

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